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Stephanie Asao

Been a while since I tried my hand creating documents x_x #dead #design #layout #somuchcopy #eyesaregoingtobleed #idontlikepink

Recent ad for Ditch Fridays at Palms Pool. I took the original provided black and white photo and colored it to better suit the art style for the event. 

I realized I never showed the finish product of the last cutout I did; so here it is with the before and after edit. Mostly just did the cut out, redrew the hair, and changed the shirt color

Yoooo Radical illustrations you've made there! Don't mind a follow from me,haha.

Thank you! it’s much appreciated =]

Here is a little look at a retouching work in progress and some detail editing that I have done. In Photoshop I’m cutting out a DJ to be used in an ad. The provided image from talent management was fairly grainy around the edges of the hair. After making the initial cut out I went in and re-drew the hair with a fine point brush.

It’s happening! Here is the montage of characters over the last 2 years. I illustrated quite a few of these cartoons and will be sad to see them go. This was a fun project to work with and will miss it. Goodbye Snitch.

Taboo at Moon Nightclub. I cut out, retouched the image and arranged the artwork according to the current style of the event night.

Russian New Years Eve party at ghostbar. Simple composite and layout. 

A couple new Snitch designs for January. Re-using old characters in the new style incorporating our new footer design.